E0045 - Great leadership is a network, not a hierarchy (S0003)

April 26, 2023 00:12:20
E0045 - Great leadership is a network, not a hierarchy  (S0003)
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E0045 - Great leadership is a network, not a hierarchy (S0003)

Apr 26 2023 | 00:12:20


Show Notes

- Leadership is often seen as a role for the few, but this is not sustainable for the complex problems we face today.
- A hierarchical leadership model can result in communication breakdowns, missed ideas, and bottlenecks.
- A network leadership model can be more effective, where everyone has influence rather than just a few in power.
- To shift towards network leadership, we need to remove labels and share information and resources.
- Sharing means less one-on-one communication and more crowdsourcing and co-creation in a transparent space.
Author: Gitte Frederiksen
- Business
- Entrepreneurship
- Leadership
- Network

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