E0030 - The Perfect Boss! (S0002)

February 12, 2022 00:15:57
E0030 - The Perfect Boss! (S0002)
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E0030 - The Perfect Boss! (S0002)

Feb 12 2022 | 00:15:57


Show Notes

Axel Zein promotes a new way we manage businesses today: think of business as a sport.

In sports, the team is decisive; the team with the best players usually wins.

And sports are fun.

So what qualifies a manager to be the perfect coach for his team?

Who is doing the work in a normal company?

It is not the CEO, not the managers but the engineers, the guys on the shop floor and the sales reps.

They are the players on the field.

A manager is supposed to be their coach.

But we are not educated to be coaches.

During our careers, we usually encounter a couple of really bad bosses, many mediocre managers and only a few outstanding ones.

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