E0050 - To have more you must become more (S0003)

May 09, 2023 00:18:16
E0050 - To have more you must become more  (S0003)
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E0050 - To have more you must become more (S0003)

May 09 2023 | 00:18:16


Show Notes

1. To have more in life, you must become more by working on yourself and your emotions.
2. Discovering strong feelings about your life and what you want to do is crucial to achieving success.
3. Taking immediate action is important when the emotion is strong and the idea is clear, or the law of diminishing intent will set in.
4. All disciplines affect each other, and every new discipline affects the rest, so taking small actions can inspire more positive changes in life.
5. The greatest value of discipline is self-worth and self-esteem, and neglecting discipline can erode these qualities over time.
Author: Jim Rohn
- Personal Development
- EQ
- Success

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